Note on process re closing ISSUES

Ryan has done a great job at proposing resolutions for discussion on 
several open issues over the mailing list.  In general, note that in W3C 
process, we generally close open issue by doing a test for consensus 
during a telecon, and not via mailing list discussion like other 
standards bodies. On the telecon, this is done in general using the 
following format:

PROPOSAL: xxx xxx.
Chair: Are there any objections?

Then a pause for objections. Depending on the contentiousness of the 
issue, people either "+1" in IRC or we do an explicit go-through all 
people on the telecon using "Zakim,who's on the phone?"

Assuming that objections are either not raised or discussed to the 
satisfaction,  and consensus is reached.

RESOLUTION: xxx xxxx

However, before testing for consensus, it's almost always necessary to 
put forward the proposed resolution to the mailing list exactly like 
Ryan has done, so people see  the proposal coming and can work out their 
opinion on it and suggest changes *ahead* of the telecon.

We can try to get consensus of Ryan's proposals during the next telecon, 
but note that consensus is not required on the issues to publish the API 
as FPWD, just an accurate listing of the space of open issues is 
necessary (although we can always add more).

We can then work through each of the issues after FPWD in order to reach 
consensus, and I hope some outside commentary helps.


Received on Friday, 31 August 2012 09:48:57 UTC