Re: [W3C Web Crypto WG] - Comments on Draft API v22

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 11:22 AM, Ryan Sleevi <> wrote:
> "Terminate this algorithm" is almost universally used in W3C specs,
> but I see it's actual addition to terminology is rare.

It is ambiguous what "algorithm" refers to in our spec, where
"algorithm" is usually understood to refer to a cryptographic
algorithm. I believe "terminate this algorithm" actually means
"terminate the steps that specify the method".

For example, the init() method of the CryptoOperation interface is
specified as follows:

    11.5.1. The init method

    When init method is called, the user agent must run the steps below.
    1. If the internal state is not in the "empty" state, throw an
       exception [DOM4] and terminate this algorithm.
    2. ...

Suppose the CryptoOperation object in question is a Signer for the
HMAC algorithm. Then it is ambiguous in our spec whether "terminate
this algorithm" means "terminate the HMAC sign algorithm" or
"terminate the algorithm for the init() method".


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