Proposed text to close ISSUE-13

We had a lot of great discussion on ISSUE-13, and I feel like some
degree of consensus was reached within the group.

I'd like to propose that, in order to CLOSE ISSUE-13, we explicitly
add a use case for JOSE in Section 2. I'd also be interested if Mike
has text to propose for Section 4 (Scope), in the context of
Virginie's proposed changes from [1], but I do want to make sure we
capture at least some relationship with JOSE in the WG, as reflected
in the charter.

Unless there are objections, I propose the following to be added, and
(for now) the ISSUE closed.

2.6 Javascript Signing and Encryption

A web application wishes to make use of the structures and format of
messages defined by the IETF Javascript Object Signing and Encryption
(JOSE) Working Group. The web application wishes to manipulate public
keys encoded in the JSON key format (JWK), messages that have been
integrity protected using digital signatures or MACs (JWS), or that
have been encrypted (JWE).


Received on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 20:57:57 UTC