crypto-ISSUE-37: Method naming [Web Cryptography API]

crypto-ISSUE-37: Method naming [Web Cryptography API]

Raised by: Ryan Sleevi
On product: Web Cryptography API

All of the methods on the Crypto interface follow the "createFoo" form, such as createEncrypter or createKeyDeriver.

When originally specified, the verb was associated with the action that would be performed, such as "encrypt" or "decrypt". As a result of ACTION-14, it was suggested this be renamed to "createEncrypter" et all, to indicate that the Crypto interface method did not itself perform the encryption.

However, this suffers from the following concern:
1) Method names are noticeably longer, by virtue of needing to have a "create" prefix and an "er" suffix
2) With the exception of KeyStorage and getRandomValues, all methods available on window.crypto are of the factory form "createFoo"
3) There are localization issues regarding Encryptor/Encrypter and Decrypter/Decryptor, both of which are valid spellings and may vary by locality.

Received on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 01:44:10 UTC