Re: crypto-ISSUE-22: Should CryptoOperations be clonable [Web Cryptography API]

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 6:21 AM, Vijay Bharadwaj
<> wrote:
> "Cloning" in the way I have been using the term refers strictly to taking a running crypto
> operation and duplicating its entire state such that each clone can be completed independently.
> For instance, if I have two pieces of data "A || B" and "A || C" where || denotes concatenation,
> then to hash them both efficiently I would:
> - Create a hash operation
> - Process A
> - Clone the operation
> - Use one clone to finish processing B, and the other clone to finish processing C

This is a very good example. The SSL/TLS handshake hash use case is a
variant of this example, where the two pieces of data are "A" and "A
|| C".

> Do you believe that this sort of capability is needed in the API?

I know your question is intended for Asad. I think this sort of
cloning could be useful for hashing and perhaps HMAC, but we can wait
until it is requested by a customer.


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