[W3C Web Crypto WG] functional features list in draft API and issue tracker

Dear all,

After Mark made the relevant comment about making sure functional features are actually integrated in the API either by text or by explicit issue, here is a summary of what I understand is in our API. Thanks for completing/commenting this functional landscape if something missing.

Key operations :
Key generation - issue-19
Key exchange
Key import/export - raw material format is issue-14
Key usual operations (cipher, verify, ...)
Key neutering - issue-8
Key cloning and sharing - issue-22
Generation of random value
Key query - no description in API and no issue
Management of Key Attributes - user attributes is issue-17

Key Attributes/parameters :
origin - issue-19 (completed by issue-21)
Validity dates - semantic is issue-16
Local ID local
GUID - issue-25
User Attributes - user attributes access by application is issue-17
Certificate or generic tokens - issue-15
Algorithm type Usage
Extractable/Or not

In addition we have some design related issues (e.g. asynch versus synchronous usage, or ), but I do not classify it as functional feature issues as it is more a problem of choosing the best solution.

Thanks for commenting...

chair of Web Crypto WG

Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 14:26:58 UTC