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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for these updates. Just one comment, all the links [1] to [8] at the bottom of your email go to the same place - end of the Editor's Draft page. Something for the editors to look into perhaps.

--- asad

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Subject: New Editor's Draft published

A new version has been published at in anticipation to moving towards FPWD. All core API functionality should minimally have IDL specified.

Key changes in this version (r1.15) from the previous major update (r1.13)
 - Attempt to fully specify an algorithm (RSAES-PKCS1-v1_5) as an example of how the algorithm specifications may look [1]
 - Attempt to specify the basic state machine for CryptoOperation in normative terms
   - Added an abort method to abort in-progress operations [3]
 - Add in DH [4], spec out SHA-1/SHA-2 [5]
 - Various updates to the WebIDL based on Web API Cookbook recommendations
 - Add interfaces for key (generation, derivation, import, export) based on Vijay's proposed interfaces [6]
 - Add simple KeyStorage interface for origin-generated and previously origin-authorized keys [7]
 - Formalize the registration for a number of algorithms [8]
   - Specify their well known name
   - Specify their expected algorithm parameters
   - Specify the contents of result
   - Clamp parameter inputs to cause errors to be thrown when necessary
 - Remove various TODOs
   - Such as notes for DSA or for Concat KDF; judge demand

Based on my understanding of the chairs' positions on the necessary progression towards FPWD, we should have the core interfaces spec'd here. That isn't to say that they can't all wildly change, but please focus on making sure that there is consensus to move forward with this draft and that it accurately represents the discussions from the WG mailing list and conference calls.

Cheers and looking forward to discussing these changes, Ryan


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