Re: crypto-ISSUE-4: Some proposed text for the spec to close the issue

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 11:56 AM, Harry Halpin <> wrote:
> Here's some draft text for the editors of the API as promised at the F2F,
> I'd like to test for formal consensus on this:
> "As the API is meant to be extensible in order to keep up with future
> developments within cryptography and to provide flexibility, there are no
> strictly required algorithms. Thus users of this algorithm should check to
> see what algorithms are currently recommended and supported by
> implementations.
> However, in order to promote interoperability for developers, there are a
> number of recommended algorithms. The recommended algorithms are: HMAC using
> SHA-256, RSASSA using SHA-256 hash, and ECDSA using P-256 curve and we
> expect implementations at the time of publication of this Recommendation to
> support these algorithms. To see the results of test-cases between
> implementations, please see the [@@Upcoming] Web Cryptography Test Cases
> Working Group."

This looks good.


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