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On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 10:50 AM, Adrian Hope-Bailie <>

> Hi David, the rest of the IG, Ian and Wendy
> Apologies for not making the last IG call, I have reviewed the minutes and
> wanted to suggest we consider gathering a forum of interested people to
> tackle the IoT payments use cases.
> Can we do this using IG time on the next call or would the chairs prefer
> we initiate a parallel stream and report back to the IG?
> I believe the challenge we have is that any standard we develop is one of
> those that sits uncomfortably in the "Web Technologies" domain but without
> clear implementers given that these are unlikely to be the traditional
> browser vendors that are implementing PR and PH API.
> As you are aware I submitted a very "drafty" proposal to the IETF in
> Singapore that attempts to leverage the work on PR API but package this
> into HTTP requests[1]. The response from the HTTP WG at IETF was that we
> should continue to evolve this and leverage Wendy as the W3C liaison to
> IETF in getting input from the HTTP WG as we go.
> As I have found with the Interledger work, while there is interest from
> the Internet/Web and technical community in accommodating these standards,
> payments is outside their usual scope and so they depend on "payments"
> people to do the groundwork and they can advise on the appropriate
> technical solutions.
> We (Ripple and the Interledger CG) are very interested in progressing this
> work as we have already done extensive work on these non-interactive uses
> cases with Interledger as the payment method.
> Looking to Ian and the chairs for guidance on how to proceed?
> Adrian

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