[webauthn] How to declare that a registration only awaits for a Security Key? (#1750)

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== How to declare that a registration only awaits for a Security Key? ==
Hi, I had this question and search everywhere without being able to find a solution. I want to set that when I invoke the navigation.credentials.create() method it prompts me to insert a security key directly, not to choose an authentication method. 

What I want to achieve:

<img width="748" alt="image" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/44816668/174674755-986a5440-8eeb-4f5a-9667-1a3a66b986b3.png">

What I get: 

<img width="445" alt="image" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/44816668/174674793-b0f1be98-b53c-475f-8f7f-464ccec38cf0.png">

I know that in the case of navigator.credentials.get() I can set the transports property (usb and nfc) on allowCredentials and It would show me directly the insert your security key option. But couldn't find the way to do that with registration. 

I know that must be a way because Google does exactly that. The first screenshot is from an attempt to register a security key to my google account, but I debug the client-side to see if they were passing any weird stuff to the navigator.credentials.create() but not.

Thanks in advance for any kind of insight you could have.

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