Re: [webauthn] Refer to options for the user verification check (#1718)

I'm a bit disappointed by W3C regarding this.
- I saw something in the specification that I didn't understand how to implement in a library, so I opened [an issue]( asking for clarification.
- A small [PR]( with a supposed fix was opened, however I [clearly stated]( that it still didn't make any sense to me, but the PR was merged without addressing my points and the issue was deemed resolved.
- I was told that I can propose another PR, which I did here. While the changes themselves aren't that important, I finally [understood]( the real problem with the specification and made some clear suggestions for how it could be improved.
- However again, it seems like the WG doesn't deem my concerns here valid and closes the PR, considering the issue resolved. At this point the specification is still as unclear as it was from the beginning, and I'm glad for @Firstyear backing me up here.

So what should I do here? Leave it be and hope that everybody in the future figures out what the specification means themselves? Or should I try to open another PR, hoping that my concerns are taken seriously then?

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