Re: [webauthn] Provide request deserialization, response serialization (#1683)

> So long as it's consider how this will work in a WASM context for non-js languages, then this is supported by me.

Architecturally, 90+% of browser-hosted WASM has no need to interact with WebAuthn, as it is the server component of the architecture which is challenging and processing the registrations and assertions.

Outside of ZKP experiments such as Cloudflare's and demo applications, WASM code would mostly act analogous to client-side form validation, processing and rejecting created credentials which did not meet the codified server policy. That said, in many cases you might not even gain significant performance benefits from WASM due to serialization and the lack of WebCrypto in WASM.

That said, a JSON serialization does provide a solid default for a serialization of the data into and out of the WASM context for use cases which may benefit.

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