Re: [webauthn] Breaking change in Chrome 95/W10 (#1677)

I was initially thinking about reporting this as a Chromium bug but after researching the issue more including testing with adding `transports` to `allowCredentials` (which worked as expected), it would be technically incorrect calling this a bug.

However, due to Chrome's massive market-share, their implementation can be regarded as "normative".  IMO you actually need a browser/OS-local list of registered credentials _in order to get a reasonable and predictable UX_.  That is, `transports` should remain _redundant_ for `get()` which effectively would be a specification change or clarification.

Requiring RPs to supply additional information to feed `get()` is a clear disadvantage and incompatible with the current WebAuthn ecosystem.  With a proper WebAuthn implementation `credentialId` should be sufficient for targeting a specific credential, while the absence of `credentialId` should provide the user with a list of applicable credentials to choose from.

I would like to hear what GitHub and their likes think about the Chrome update.

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