[webauthn] Breaking change in Chrome 95/W10 (#1677)

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== Breaking change in Chrome 95/W10 ==
To date it seems that RPs do not use the `transports` argument because at least Windows and Android clients work fine without it.  However, starting with Chrome 95 it this has changed because otherwise you get an extra authenticator dialog also for logins using Windows.

That `getTransports()` fails on Firefox is another indication that `transports` is currently not used.

- go to https://webauthn.io/ 
- set Authenticator Type to "platform"
- register.  Then you get a new dialog, probably not related to Windows Hello
- login.  Now you get this dialog again.  It should not be there in a proper RP implementation

I think the change is fine, but the WebAuthn ecosystem is apparently unprepared for this update.

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