Re: [webauthn] Explicitly restrict NONE aaguid to none attestation only (#1588)

There's also this in [step 20 of §5.1.3. Create a New Credential](

>If `credentialCreationData.attestationConveyancePreferenceOption`’s value is
>- **"none"**
>  Replace potentially uniquely identifying information with non-identifying versions of the same:
>   1. If the AAGUID in the attested credential data is 16 zero bytes, `credentialCreationData.attestationObjectResult.fmt` is "packed", and "x5c" is absent from `credentialCreationData.attestationObjectResult`, then self attestation is being used and no further action is needed.
>  [...]

So it looks like at least in theory, the zero AAGUID is also valid for "packed" self attestation, but I don't know if any authenticators are actually producing such attestation statements. Either way, there's no corresponding instruction about the AAGUID in the ["packed" attestation signing procedure](

>3. If self attestation is in use, the authenticator produces _sig_ by concatenating _authenticatorData_ and _clientDataHash_, and signing the result using the credential private key. It sets _alg_ to the algorithm of the credential private key and omits the other fields.

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