[webauthn] Support `discoverableCredential` fields in the API. (#1565)

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== Support `discoverableCredential` fields in the API. ==
WebAuthn is rather difficult to explain to someone, for a few reasons. Now that the spec has settled on "discoverable credentials", it's especially confusing that the actual browser API does not use that term at all, and uses a synonym ("resident key") that shares no words in common. At the risk of misappropriating a social metaphor, it is similar to a [missing stair](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_stair) — "oh, yeah, remember that a resident key isn't called a resident key".

I would love to see some investment in fixing this, for the benefit of those who learn to use the API in the future (or want to keep remembering how it works 😛). For example:

- Introduce `discoverableCredential` as a synonym for the `residentKey` auth selection field.
- Specify that `discoverableCredential` overrides `residentKey` and `residentKeyRequired`. Fortunately, the spec already has a way to indicate which field was used.

Since it looks like the spec will have at least two levels and level 2 is still being finalized, it is clear that browsers are still working on their WebAuthn implementations. I think it is still feasible to include a name change at this point and hope for it to land in browsers in a reasonable time frame.

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