Re: [webauthn] Consider allowing cross-domain credential use (#1372)

> This use case is basically where developer users have an existing framework hosting a sign-on page at some set of `sub1.d.c`, `sub2.d.c`, etc domains, so the approach idea is to receive all the WebAuthn config values (e.g. user verification, authenticator attachment, allowed credentials, and so on) and challenge values from a central `auth.d.c` domain, then pass the resulting outputs of the WebAuthn ceremony to a common `auth.d.c` domain for the actual ultimate auth.

Note that in this use case, you will probably have to set the RP ID to just ``, without the more specific subdomain. Otherwise, `` and `` will not be able to exercise each others' credentials, so the user would have to register once per subdomain (and `auth.d.c` would need access to the user's credential public keys from each sibling domain). Whereas with `rpId: ""`, all three subdomains could exercise the same credential which the user needs to register only once.

>@emlun with respect to your last comment [...]

No, I just meant that the example names seemed a bit backward. It seems more likely that `auth.d.c` would be the one performing the authentication instead of consuming the authentication result. You can just ignore the final parenthetical in my previous comment, it doesn't really add anything new.

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