[webauthn] Pull Request: Substitute enum types in dictionaries with DOMStrings

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== Substitute enum types in dictionaries with DOMStrings ==
This fixes issue #1376, auditing all enums passed into WebAuthn to ensure that WebAuthn can be extended without causing WebIDL failures for lagging implementations.

I believe I caught them all. I prefixed all the targets with `>>` in the list below:

dictionary PublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions {
    required PublicKeyCredentialRpEntity         rp;
    required PublicKeyCredentialUserEntity       user;

    required BufferSource                             challenge;
    required sequence<PublicKeyCredentialParameters>  pubKeyCredParams;

    unsigned long                                timeout;
    sequence<PublicKeyCredentialDescriptor>      excludeCredentials = [];
    AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria               authenticatorSelection;
>>    AttestationConveyancePreference              attestation = "none";
    AuthenticationExtensionsClientInputs         extensions;

dictionary PublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions {
    required BufferSource                challenge;
    unsigned long                        timeout;
    USVString                            rpId;
    sequence<PublicKeyCredentialDescriptor> allowCredentials = [];
>>    UserVerificationRequirement          userVerification = "preferred";
    AuthenticationExtensionsClientInputs extensions;

dictionary AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria {
>>    AuthenticatorAttachment      authenticatorAttachment;
    boolean                      requireResidentKey = false;
>>    UserVerificationRequirement  userVerification = "preferred";

dictionary PublicKeyCredentialDescriptor {
>>    required PublicKeyCredentialType      type;
    required BufferSource                 id;
    sequence<DOMString>                   transports;

dictionary TokenBinding {
>>    required TokenBindingStatus status;
    DOMString id;

dictionary PublicKeyCredentialParameters {
>>    required PublicKeyCredentialType      type;
    required COSEAlgorithmIdentifier      alg;

See https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/1392

Received on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 21:38:39 UTC