[webauthn] clientDataJSON sent to authenticator? (#1442)

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== clientDataJSON sent to authenticator? ==
I'm a little confused why under 5.2. Authenticator Responses is says 
`This attribute contains a JSON serialization of the client data passed to the authenticator by the client in its call to either create() or get().`
and why (for registration) pubKeyCred.response.clientDataJSON gets its value from credentialCreationData.clientDataJSONResult instead of clientDataJSON directly when the value is just clientDataJSON copied a few steps earlier and there is no real clientDataJSON**result**.

In the algorithms of 5.1.3 and 5.1.4 only the clientDataHash is passed to the authenticator. The CTAP specification also expects only the hash. Researching didn't solve my problem:
`only a hash is sent because the link to the authenticator may be a low-bandwidth`

`clientDataJSON: This represents data passed from the browser to the authenticator`

`The clientDataJSON contains the JSON-serialized data passed to the authenticator by the client in order to generate the credential`

What am I missing or are these problems just artifacts of an earlier version of webauthn?

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