Re: WebAuthn and Credential Management

On 1/16/2019 5:07 PM, Mike West wrote:
> Hi, Philippe!
> I'm confident that the Credential Management spec isn't going to change
> shape at this point. We do intend to split the document into a core
> infrastructure spec which will live under the existing shortname, and a
> spec for the specific credential types which the document currently
> defines. WebAuthn relies entirely on the former, and not at all on the
> latter, which is good both because it means your links won't break, and
> because the former is solidly baked and shipping ~everywhere.


> I can't do that split by Thursday, but republishing the working draft might
> be possible. I'm traveling at the moment, and don't have access to my
> desktop with the tiny script I used to republish WDs, but I'll try to
> remember how it worked well enough to do it from here today. If I can't get
> that working, I'll ask you to help. :)

I actually took care of that. I'll send you a separate email for you to 
check your draft.

Thank you Mike for getting back to us!


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