Re: [webauthn] Attestation privacy advice creates large scale security risks (#1127)

>every authenticator that is on the market with that attestation key must be removed

No - users can safely continue to use the credentials they've already created (before the breach is determined to have happened) with such a device. Credential creation is a relatively rare occurrence, so many users might not be affected at all.

>so can't be used for future registrations.

Agreed; this can be enforced via server-side software updates.

What I mean to say is that a compromised attestation key is not a black-and-white security disaster as I read the OP to mean; the practical impact depends a lot on the circumstances about when the breach happened vs. when it was discovered, and each RP's attestation policy. I agree we shouldn't encourage larger batches than necessary, but I don't think normative requirements on batch sizes are in scope for the WebAuthn spec. That seems more suitable for a certification authority like FIDO to decide - the only RPs for which this kind of breach would have any impact at all are the same RPs that are likely to require authenticator certification.

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