Re: [webauthn] Clarify examples: 1.1.1. Registration / 1.1.2. Authentication

Thanks @Kieun for the additional comment. That is broadly also my understanding.

In addition there is also the device/authenticator side where afaik no standards are available. Means in order to achieve that, one needs to have a native application for each device OS, it cannot yet be done by the OSes themselves even if the functionality is quite generic.
- For end-users this means they have to install an application for each website/service provider that wants to use that kind of authentication. 
- For the service providers to provide and maintain an application for each device OS.

Having a standard functionality that is part of the OS would solve this. It would not have to do much more than receiving push messages, verify their authenticity, display a dialog, unlock the authenticator when biometric authentication is ok, sign payload and send to agreed destination. Mostly it's just another transport protocol with some extensions.
This would enable n services to use PKI based biometrically supported 2-step verification without the need to install an application for each one and without the physical constraints of NFC, BLE, USB.

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