[webauthn] Clarify examples: 1.1.1. Registration / 1.1.2. Authentication

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== Clarify examples: 1.1.1. Registration / 1.1.2. Authentication ==
I got the impression that the provided examples could be understood in a wrong way as they lack an important detail:

As far as I understood W3C Web Authentication / CTAP supported transports are USB, BLE, NFC.
That would mean that in order to be able to authenticate as proposed in 1.1.2 I'd have to pair the phone with a desktop/laptop device or connect it via USB in the "on a laptop/desktop" scenario?
If my understanding is correct then I'd propose to mention that important detail explicitly for readers to not get the impression that this will just work out of the box (and not remotely) after the initial registration just on the phone.

If I got something wrong here feel welcome to enlighten me.

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