Re: [administrivia] wrt deleted branches and closed PR in webauthn repo

no worries, I messed up and deleted a bunch of branches back in Sept (sigh)

so the jeffh-attstn-and-keygen branch is old/stale and I may or may not restore it.  thanks, =JeffH

On 3/13/17, 11:25 AM, "Angelo Liao" <<>> wrote:

Hi Guys,

I am so sorry about the below hiccup. I made a “git push mirror” command and it made the remote a mirror of my local repo. Since my local repo only has two branches, it closes down a number of branches.

Throughout the morning, I have been talking with a number of git experts in my team. They all end up suggesting that there is no clean way to roll back a push and the best way to get it back up to this is if individuals who own each branch update their own branch. The names of the deleted and not recovered branch are:

  *   acz
  *   jeffh-attstn-and-keygen
  *   rolf-modular-attestation-changes

Can folks please do a git push command and send up their individual branch?

Thank you so much! Also extra thank you to J.C. and Jeff for helping out!

P.S. I will work on my local repo from now on.

So sorry!

From: Hodges, Jeff []
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2017 10:13 AM
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Subject: Re: [administrivia] wrt deleted branches and closed PR in webauthn repo

JC helped us fix the gh-pages branch portion of our repo issues (thx!), here's his insights...

The gh-pages issue is fixed; I went to Travis CI's Branches [1] view, selected the most recent build for Master [2], and then used the button in the top-right to restart the build -- that regenerated things.




Note: travis-ci just clobbers `gh-pages` whether it exists or not. :)

On 3/13/17, 8:18 AM, "Angelo Liao" <<>> wrote:

Bcc WG

Hi Jeff,

It appears that my "git push --mirror" command accidentally deleted a number of branches. If you have the cloned repo. Can you push them up again? I am trying to figure out a way to undo this push but i am not sure how. Let's chat offline.


From: Hodges, Jeff <<>>
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Subject: wrt deleted branches and closed PR in webauthn repo
To: Angelo Liao <<>>
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Hi Angelo,

It seems you deleted various branches from the webauthn repo, including closing PR#371<> and the branch it pulls from jeffh-fixup-getA-polish-algs, which was not as yet merged :(

Also, you apparently deleted the gh-pages branch, from which thespec "editors' draft"<> is sourced, so that the latter now 404s :(

In general, we should not delete branches that are not "ours", and if someone is wishing to do an overall repo cleanup, they should query the list regarding the ramifications before doing so.

Would you please be so kind as to re-open PR#371<> ?   I can/will re-push the branch up to the repo.

I suppose you can restore the gh-pages branch, depending on the state of your repo clone?



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