Meeting minutes: 5 July

It appears that we neglected to start trackbot, so the minutes didn't
post.  Here's my transcript.

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[10:11:37] jeffh:    topic:
[10:11:56] jeffh:    angelo: can jcj_moz review this?
[10:12:10] jcj_moz:    jcj_moz: Yes, will do tomorrow
[10:12:11] jeffh:    jcj_moz: will try to do so tomorrow
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[10:12:32] jeffh:    topic:
[10:12:46] jeffh:    tony: is alexei's (aka leshi)
[10:13:54] jeffh:    christiaan: Alexei is consulting on it, it is assigned
to Mike Jones, yes?
[10:13:56] jeffh:    tony: yes
[10:15:11] jeffh:    topic:
[10:17:05] jeffh:    jeffh: is ready
[10:17:09] jeffh:    angelo: this is ok
[10:17:28] jeffh:    jcj_moz: will review today/tomorrow
[10:19:03] jeffh:    topic:
[10:20:52] jeffh:    jeffh: this needs input from mkwst, domenic, jeffrey,
etc.  there are also related issues in credential-management. this needs to
be done right and can wait for next WD release
[10:21:10] jeffh:    topic: overall open WD-06 issues
[10:22:56] jeffh:    tony: have 18 open wd-o6 issues, several will be fixed
by open pull reqests discussed above
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[10:24:17] jeffh:    topic:
[10:24:47] jeffh:    angelo: enlisting help from a msft person working on
ctap to do a pr for this, perhaps wd-07 item....
[10:34:26] jeffh:    we wend thru list of open WD-06 issues
[10:34:41] jcj_moz:
[10:35:37] jeffh:    punted a few of them to WD-07 milestone.  also jcj_moz
reveiwed PR #495 and merged it. resulted in now having 13 open WD-06 issues
[10:37:04] jeffh:    jcj_moz:  if you run FF nightly, can use the above to
try it out
[10:37:55] jcj_moz:    example:
[10:38:50] jeffh:    "official" portion of call over -- now discuss pr #498
and issue #472 -- threading stuff....
[10:39:13] jeffh:    see also:
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[10:40:48] jeffh:    topics:
[10:41:59] jeffh:    jcj_moz: wrt webatuhn #254, in practice copy settings
stuff into "runnables", and also if focus changes we cancel outstanding ops
[10:48:32] jeffh:    jcj_moz: in FF need to access settings/global/origin
while in main event loop -- if things change while in parallel, issue
cancel.   So in credman, might need to add actual notion of cancellation,
and also have it do all the global accesses on main event loop, and pass-in
realm-agnostic values to the in-parallel sections.
[10:48:51] jeffh:    jcj_moz: this matters in FF code for example
[10:49:26] jcj_moz:    Alternatively, this could be done without changing
credman, if we finish up
[10:49:41] jcj_moz:    which I see got more comments while I was away,
saying to do it right needs a change to HTML
[10:50:28] jcj_moz:    but resolving + also changing the order of
events in the algorithms to copy out snapshots of the global objects should
be an alternative way to solve the issue in #254
[10:51:09] jcj_moz:    because then we have a way to cancel if the page
changes those snapshots-of-globals
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[11:06:51] jcj_moz:    (Call Ends)
[11:06:59] jcj_moz:    rrsagent, draft minutes

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