regrets, plus some thoughts on PRs, issues, and WD-04 (was: 01/04/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda

unfortunately I'll miss tomorrow's call.  here's some thoughts in the meantime...

I entered some comments on PR #314.

also, #315 LGTM, and #317 I can go either way on.

Overall wrt WD-04, it'd be good to chip away at a decent chunk of the open technical (eg @bzbarsky's) and some editorial issues, and include their resolutions in WD-04.  This will likely take several weeks what with review cycles and all.  Plus Alexei/@leshi is taking a crack at

hth, =JeffH

also: anyone have comments on ?

and also on ?

and and also: wrt #244<>, see also and and and and maybe some others...

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Here is the agenda for the 01/04/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting, please note this meeting is 60 min.
 Roll Call, please use IRC to register your attendance

  1.  Select scribe, please someone be willing to scribe so we can get down to the issues
  2.  Registration for February Face to Face is open see<>
  3.  Open Pull requests -  314, 315 and 317
  4.  Open WD and CR  Issues
  5.  WD04 publish schedule
  6.   TAG Feedback issues
  7.  Other open issues
  8.  Adjourn


Meeting number: 647 951 360

Meeting password: auth


+1-617-324-0000<tel:(617)%20324-0000> US Toll Number

Access code: 647 951 360

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