Re: [webauthn] The W3C HTML spec is broken, and probably shouldn't be referenced

FWIW, I'd endorse @equalsJeffH's proposal in 
(which @domenic also endorsed) to have this spec's editor's draft 
reference the WHATWG HTML spec, and then redirect the references for 
the more formal publication steps. Even if HTML5.2 picks up all the 
bugfixes made in the WHATWG spec (which we should keep pushing for), 
it'll lag a bit, which will impede changes like #319.

The changes at CR should just consist of adding an anchors block with 
all the HTML references, and might be even smaller if Bikeshed grows 
an automated way to do that, maybe related to 
(@tabatkins?) Assuming HTML5.2 keeps doing a good job of tracking the 
WHATWG spec, there shouldn't be any need for rewriting.

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Received on Wednesday, 22 February 2017 07:15:01 UTC