Re: New concall coordinates

Reminder: new concall number and password in use starting tomorrow, 
available at the link below.

Please join IRC channel #webauthn, also.

-- Sam

On 8/2/17 2:13 PM, Samuel Weiler wrote:
> Because of toll fraud issues MIT has been experiencing, I've been asked
> to change our call coordinates and password and, as an ongoing thing,
> not distribute the call coordinates publicly.  That means not including
> the WebEx call number or URL in our agendas or minutes.
> You can find the new call coordinates at this link, accessible with your
> W3C member login credentials.
> We have a few WG members (e.g. Adam Powers at FIDO) who are not W3C
> members - I'll send the info to them separately.  If anyone needs help
> accessing the new call info, please reach out to me in email or IRC.
> The call coordinates may need to change periodically if they happen to
> leak into public fora, e.g. by being posted into the public (logged) IRC
> channel.  So I suggest checking the link above for new coordinates every
> week.  If you'd prefer I use a different method of distributing the
> info, let me know.
> -- Sam Weiler

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