New concall coordinates

Because of toll fraud issues MIT has been experiencing, I've been asked 
to change our call coordinates and password and, as an ongoing thing, 
not distribute the call coordinates publicly.  That means not including 
the WebEx call number or URL in our agendas or minutes.

You can find the new call coordinates at this link, accessible with your 
W3C member login credentials.

We have a few WG members (e.g. Adam Powers at FIDO) who are not W3C 
members - I'll send the info to them separately.  If anyone needs help 
accessing the new call info, please reach out to me in email or IRC.

The call coordinates may need to change periodically if they happen to 
leak into public fora, e.g. by being posted into the public (logged) IRC 
channel.  So I suggest checking the link above for new coordinates every 
week.  If you'd prefer I use a different method of distributing the 
info, let me know.

-- Sam Weiler

Received on Wednesday, 2 August 2017 18:13:13 UTC