Re: [webauthn] Add isPlatformAuthenticatorReady function to the API surface

> The working group needs to figure out whether the promise should return False when a platform authenticator is not ready or whether to just never resolve the promise.

Based on the responses here, I guess I might not be understanding the feature. Do you expect this to raise UI to the user in order to make an authenticator available? How do you expect that flow to work? What do you expect developers to be doing with the yes/no response?

I had imagined this as being useful only in the positive direction: that is, if an authenticator is available (e.g. if the Promise resolves), you would use one of the other APIs (`create()`, `get()`, etc) in order to make use of that authenticator (and thereby prompt the user). If it wasn't available, you wouldn't. That is, you'd assume `false`, and know `true` iff the Promise resolved. What's the workflow y'all have in mind?

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Received on Tuesday, 1 August 2017 08:06:26 UTC