RE: Proposed blog post announcing second public draft

I wouldn't say "second public working draft" - "a new working draft" is sufficient.

Also, I would not say that the next draft will be a CR. As we discussed on the last call, we should probably move to a mode where we have more frequent WDs, so we can iterate faster to get to CR. So maybe something like "we expect to start issuing more frequent WDs, as we get closer to a CR"? In other words, I don't want to push CR further out, I want to do faster turns of the WD crank. Now that most people are back from summer vacation, hopefully we'll be able to do faster reviews as well.

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Subject: Proposed blog post announcing second public draft

How about this for the blog post?  Particularly, if there are other changes we'd like to highlight, please let me know what they are.  I'll plan to post on Tuesday (after the US Labor Day holiday on Monday).

                                                                -- Mike

Second public draft of W3C Web Authentication Specification

The W3C Web Authentication working group<> is pleased to announce publication of the second public draft of the W3C Web Authentication specification<>.  While this W3C Working Draft is similar in most respects to the First Public Working Draft<>, it contains numerous refinements intended to enhance the readability and clarity of the specification.  These resulted from extensive ongoing review of the first public draft.  Changes include separating the authenticator model from the defined attestation formats, clarifying the use of extensions (all of which are optional), and defining some additional extensions.  Thanks to all of you who reviewed the first public draft!

We solicit your continued feedback - especially feedback based on implementation.  If you're not already a member, you can join the public working group mailing list at  The working group expects that the next public draft will be a Candidate Recommendation.  So keep the great feedback coming!

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Indeed, thanks to Vijay for pushing that through!

On 9/2/16 7:07 PM, Mike Jones wrote:

> Are we going to make a public announcement about this on our blog at

>  Should I work on proposed text or

> someone already on that?

I don't have a plan for a post, but it sounds like a good idea.  Sure, send text.  :-)

-- Sam

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