Re: move issue #155 to WD-02 ?

done.    fwiw, everything tagged with WD-01 is now closed.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I hadn't realized this issue was in WD-01, and IIRC this was not one of the issues we listed in the conf call as needing to land for WD-01. I'd be fine moving it out.

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Subject: move issue #155 to WD-02 ?

issue #155 is the only outstanding item left that is tagged with milestone (MS) WD-01.

addressing #155 will be "smoother" if it is done after the registries I-D is submitted in the IETF -- eg,  the latter registries draft can be properly referenced.

Since the updated registries draft hasn't been reviewed as yet -- please see..

-- perhaps we should make addressing issue #155 a WD-02 item?


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