Re: [webauthn] Please coordinate with the HTML spec to extract the relevant bits of the document.domain setter so you can call them

Yes, the present spec language for this is a 
stab-in-the-dark-with-the-hope-of-sparking-helpful-feedback, and it 
seems to have worked :)

In terms of (2), i.e. the relevant algorithm, it seems to me it is 
_nominally_ steps 4 - 7 (inclusive) of the domain attribute setter 
defined hereabouts:

So, by "extract the algorithm" you mean to say "revise the HTML spec 
such that the those steps are defined as a distinct algorithm which we
 an then invoke from the webauthn spec (and which the document.domain 
setter also utilizes) ?

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Received on Sunday, 6 November 2016 23:49:08 UTC