Re: [webauthn] Consider removing the "n" in "WebAuthnAttestation", etc

> This API is strictly about Web Authentication the implementations 
may or may not implement transaction confirmation, so that is out of 

It seems to me that this is starting go down the well-trodden path of 

The authentication part of the spec is "mandatory", but even though 
 is part of the same spec, it is optional?  So, between Authenticators
 that can choose to implement what they want, servers that can choose 
to implement what they want and platforms/browsers in-between that can
 choose to implement what they want, WebAuthn Relying Parties are 
going to be in the same pickle that PKI RPs are in - different parts 
of the ecosystem that will **not** interoperate unless you buy/choose 
everything from the same or an extremely limited set of manufacturers.
  So, what would be the point of the standard?  We had RFC 5280 as a 
standard for two decades; do you see many people using TLS ClientAuth 
- just _ClientAuth_ and not any of the extensions - to solve 
authentication problems?  (Arguing that hundreds of millions of Client
 digital certificates have been issued worldwide is not the right 

It would seem to me that we should learn from past PKI mistakes and 
correct course for the future.  For nearly three years, I had argued 
for keeping **all** extensions **out** of the [FIDO] spec; since that 
is not to be, I will now argue that defined extensions be made 
mandatory so RPs will  have the assurance that all parts of the 
ecosystem will work together regardless of whose component they 
choose.  Anything less will only lead RPs down the PKI garden-path 

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