RE: publishing WD-03 ?

If 243 is not closed by tomorrow 12/8/2016 then publish w/o it and assigne 243 to WD04

From: Hodges, Jeff []
Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 9:27 AM
To: W3C WebAuthn WG <>
Subject: publishing WD-03 ?

I merged PR #235 last week per Tony's request.  Tho, per 9-Nov meeting minutes<>, Alexei was going to review it before merging. Tho, as noted in the (closed) PR, Alexei has been busy (traveling & vacation), and we wish to get WD-03 published, and @vijaybh<> is ok with merging this, thus I merged it.  If there's issues with it, please file new issues, and we can address in another WD update. I/we trust that's OK Alexei.

The other PR we have been wishing to include in WD-03 is Alexei's PR #243 <><>  which I reviewed last week and added some further comments.

So wrt publishing WD-03, shall we wait on PR#243, or go ahead and publish Wd-03 now and include PR#243 in WD-04 ?


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