Re: Image Resize Issue

Dear, Daniel

Thank you for your reply and your answer helped us very much.
I appreciate it.


2020年1月24日(金) 17:47 Daniel Veditz <>:

> > Does the W3C think as well that the problem doesn’t seem to be related
> to CSP?
> Microsoft is right about IE's lack of support for CSP, apart from the
> 'sandbox' directive which isn't at play here. Also I think IE requires the
> pre-standard X- prefix on the header. CSP can't be the source of your
> problem in IE.
> Even if IE did support CSP, a policy might block the image from loading
> (no load event), or it might block your script from running at all, but
> there's nothing in CSP that would lead to your script reporting an
> incorrect image size.

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