Fwd: WebAppSec charter, responding to Advisory Committee comments

Hi WebAppSec,

Here's a public version of the message I just sent to charter reviewers.
Once I confirm that these changes satisfy reviewers (and don't raise new
concerns), I'll ask the Director for approval of the recharter.

To: member-charters-review@w3.org

Dear AC reviewers (BCC'd), member-charters-review,

Thanks to the members who reviewed the Web Application Security

In response an objection that we omitted mention of accessibility or
privacy considerations, we added reference to privacy and accessibility
considerations that have become standard in newer charters, but were not
present in the prior charter from which this re-charter was built.
Namely, we added:

>Each specification should contain a section detailing all known security and privacy implications for implementers, Web authors, and end users.
>For specifications of technologies that directly impact user experience, each specification should contain a section on accessibility that describes the benefits and impacts, including ways specification features can be used to address them, and recommendations for maximising accessibility in implementations. 

In response to comments that no one reads draft minutes, we removed the
decision policy's reference to draft minutes, and instead indicated that
decisions taken in F2F meetings or teleconferences should be "confirmed
by an asynchronous call for consensus."

No change was made in response to comments about prioritization, but
members are invited to participate in the work and indicate their
interests in the group.

We also fixed the typos.

A revised draft[2] and diff from the reviewed version[3] are available.

Reviewers were invited to please let me know by 1 April if they have
concerns or if these changes would alter their reviews.


[1] https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/webappsec2019/results
[2] https://www.w3.org/2019/02/webappsec-2019-proposed-charter-rev.html
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