Re: NEW TIME: Teleconference Agenda for March 20, 18:00 UTC

Sorry for the late agenda-bashing, but I can give a quick update on
Chrome's mixed content autoupgrading experiment if there's time. I'd also
like to mention a PR we sent to WHATWG URL with URL display guidelines.

On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 12:59 AM Daniel Veditz <> wrote:

> Last meeting we talked about experimenting with new times for the meeting.
> We didn't get too adventurous this time, shifting only one hour later UTC
> (two hours later in most of North America due to the switch to Daylight
> Saving Time).
> Date: Wednesday, March 20
> Time: 18:00 UTC (11am California, 2pm Boston, 18:00 London, 19:00 Berlin)
> Phone details:
> Please suggest other times that will work in the future, especially those
> of you who haven't been able to make the calls but would like to.
> Topics:
> * CfC on publishing feature-policy FPWD
> * Trusted Types
> * Origin Policy
> * is WebAppSec the right venue for Fetch Metadata (AKA sec-metadata)?
> * CORS-only mode for Spectre mitigation/isolation
> Any other suggested topics? Let us know.
> -Dan Veditz

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