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Mike West <> wrote:

> I share Brad's opinion that it would be possible to do a bit more if we have server-side cooperation, and that there's real value in creating more opportunities for that kind of cooperation. I'd sketched out an automated password-changing mechanism a while back ( 
>, which might be a reasonable place to start the conversation for something more robust if that's something in which folks end up being interested.

I completely agree that we can do more and I really want to see that. I was, indeed, thinking of your proposal when I spoke of previous attempts that were never acted on.

So I would love to see (something very much like) what you propose be available as an option. But I like offering sites the ability to add the well-known file without having to change anything else they do. I believe that that is the only way we would ever get a hint of a smidgen of initial adoption.

I think we can do both, but we also want something that is useful and dead easy for services to adopt.



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