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RE: advance Referrer Policy?

From: Angelo Liao <huliao@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2017 22:23:48 +0000
To: Franziskus Kiefer <fkiefer@mozilla.com>, Emily Stark <estark@google.com>
CC: Jochen Eisinger <eisinger@google.com>, Ann Onimos <dveditz@mozilla.com>, "public-webappsec@w3.org" <public-webappsec@w3.org>, Mike West <mkwst@google.com>
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Edge in the current Windows insider build include most of the policies except same-origin, strict-origin, strict-origin-when-cross-origin. Supporting the remaining three is in our roadmap. We don’t intend to implement the CSS bits anytime soon as well. If possible, can we pull out the CSS section from the current CR so that we can transition the spec to PR? In the meantime, we can create a Level 2 and keep the CSS section in there.

From: Franziskus Kiefer [mailto:fkiefer@mozilla.com]
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2017 1:29 AM
To: Emily Stark <estark@google.com>
Cc: Jochen Eisinger <eisinger@google.com>; Ann Onimos <dveditz@mozilla.com>; public-webappsec@w3.org; Mike West <mkwst@google.com>
Subject: Re: advance Referrer Policy?

Firefox doesn't implement the CSS bits yet [1]. I'm not sure if this is going to change any time soon.

[1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1330487

On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 11:53 AM, Emily Stark <estark@google.com<mailto:estark@google.com>> wrote:
Not sure -- Dan, do you know?

On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 8:55 AM, Jochen Eisinger <eisinger@google.com<mailto:eisinger@google.com>> wrote:
Did Firefox implement the CSS specific bits meanwhile?

On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 8:48 AM Emily Stark <estark@google.com<mailto:estark@google.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

Chrome's implementation of Referrer Policy includes the three newest policy values in M61 (https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5634117806850048). I believe this brings us to two interoperable implementations, covered by web-platform-tests<https://github.com/w3c/web-platform-tests/tree/master/referrer-policy>. I'm told this means it might be time for a CfC to transition to PR.



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