Re: `default-src` and 'strict-dynamic' (was Re: 'strict-dynamic' syntax (was Re: On the Insecurity of Whitelists and the Future of CSP))

On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 3:18 AM, Christoph Kerschbaumer <> wrote:

> I agree that consistency is very important, but I am afraid current CSP
> spec is already *not* consistent in that case. E.g. we allow unsafe-eval as
> well as unsafe-inline to appear in script-src as well as in default-src,
> but we only allow nonce to appear within script-src but not in default-src,
> right?

​I don't see that restriction in either CSP2 or CSP3, though both specs are
complex and maybe I missed a section that modifies the sections I did find.​

CSP2 says "The term allowed script sources refers to the result of parsing
the script-src directive’s value as a source list
<> if the policy
contains an explicit script-src, or otherwise to the default sources
<>." Didn't see
anything in the section on nonces or default-src that made an exception.

CSP3 defines nonces in the generic "source list" section, and the script
section says
Inline script <>
blocks MUST pass through §4.2.3 Should element’s inline type behavior be
blocked by Content Security Policy?
<>. Their behavior
will be blocked unless every policy allows inline script, either implicitly
by not specifying a script-src (or default-src) directive, or explicitly,
by specifying "unsafe-inline", a nonce-source
<> or a
hash-source <>
that matches the inline block.
... which seems pretty clear that default-src supports the same directives.

​'strict-dynamic' ought to work the same way.​

​Dan Veditz​

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