[webappsec] Tomorrow's teleconference CANCELLED.

We had a few proposals and active discussions coming out of the F2F, but
the list has been mostly quiet these last two weeks.  Next steps for these
should start with mailing list discussions, github issues or proposed

The call for consensus to update the WD for UI Security ends tomorrow, and
we have been invited to provide feedback on HTML 5.1, Resource Timing, and
a note on security and privacy for performance APIs. (

We also discussed at the F2F stopping development of the following

CSP Cookie Controls (reimagine as part of Feature Policy)
CSP Embedded Enforcement (reimagine as part of Feature Policy)
CSP Pinning (still needed, but not optimal in current form)
Entry Point Regulation (most benefits achievable with First-Party Only

Editors of these documents, shall I issue a call for consensus to
transition them to Working Group Notes that indicate work is stopped?


Received on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 23:29:52 UTC