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.... and if you can expand the doodle with some more Europe-friendly time,
I'd be very happy ....

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 9:33 AM, Harald Alvestrand <> wrote:

> Thanks for writing all these up!
> From the descritption in your mail:
> - the critical point on 95 is probably not so much when stores are
> created, but when they are destroyed.
> - 97 seems like "do what I mean". If adopted, it means that each UA must
> design its storage model on its own, and consistency goes out the window.
> Not happy with that.
> - I don't get what you mean by calling the camera permission a "feature".
> Care to explain further?
> (In my mind, the "feature" is all of the aspects of camera management;
> permission is only one small part of it, and the only one I want to have
> the permissions spec say anything about.)
> On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 3:11 AM, Jeffrey Yasskin <>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've been updating the Permissions spec to improve its support for
>> complex permissions like Bluetooth, for temporary grants as seen in
>> Safari and Firefox, and for UA innovation.
>> surveys the existing practice with permissions and describes some
>> tricky aspects of various future plans. I've proposed 3 fairly
>> different models, and I think it's surpassed everyone's ability to
>> investigate them enough to develop a preference.
>> So I'd like to schedule a meeting with interested folks some time in
>> the next 2 weeks so that we can all focus enough to pick one of the
>> models.
>> What times work for people? Please fill out
>> to express a preference. We
>> can meet via
>> The models I've written up are:
>> * Each feature defines a
>> storage type, and permission stores store it. The UA doesn't need any
>> permission stores, but if it has them, it needs one per global object,
>> probably plus one per origin, and can save grants to multiple stores
>> and initialize new stores pretty freely. This version also needs
>> to let other specs modify
>> their storage types appropriately.
>> * Defines a permission
>> store for each global object, but leaves it up to the UA how those are
>> created. Stores hold a collection of entries for each feature, rather
>> than a unified "storage" type, which helps with granting access to
>> discrete devices. This spec spends some words requiring that
>> permission changes only happen on event loop turn boundaries, but
>> that's not very useful to developers since every algorithm using
>> permissions runs 'in parallel'.
>> * Feature specs use
>> "descriptor's permission state" and "descriptor's extra permission
>> data" to read the UA's notion of the user's intent, but there's no
>> model of the UA's storage. Individual permissions can add constraints:
>> for example, "camera" and "microphone" require that iframes without
>> the allowusermedia attribute return "denied". This option treats
>> permission the most like UI, which we traditionally don't specify.
>> #97 was written last, so it also includes some other improvements,
>> like calling things like "camera" features instead of permissions, and
>> defining algorithms for other specs to use to show permission prompts.
>> I'll port those to whichever version we pick if you like them.
>> Please let me know when you're free to talk, and give the options some
>> thought ahead of the meeting, and hopefully we can settle on something
>> lots of specs can use.
>> Thanks,
>> Jeffrey

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