Re: Proposal: a "clear site data" API.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 5:25 PM, Richard Barnes <> wrote:

> * The layering.  This is HTTP reaching up into a bunch of other layers of
> the stack.  You can't set, say, IndexedDB from HTTP -- but you can clear it?

I had a quick conversation with Richard yesterday, and he offered two
suggestions here:

1. Framing the feature as "resetting" an origin's state made more sense to
him than "clearing".

2. Tying the feature to CSP made more sense to him than a separate header.

I think the suggestion he ended up with was `Content-Security-Policy:
reset-site-state *`.

I can get behind #1, as "clearing" might have connotations I didn't intend.
Though I agreed with him while we were chatting, I'm less convinced on #2
the more I think about it. This seems to be to be less of a policy that's
applied to a particular resource representation, and more of a one-off,
origin-wide action triggered in response to a server-side request. I think
it makes sense to split out from other headers into its own thing.


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