Re: [credential management] Identity Credentials API Extension

Hi all!

I'm catching up on the ~3ish threads that popped up, and plan to compose
something that's actually responsive to the last few day's discussion this
afternoon. This jumped out at me, though:

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 5:32 AM, Manu Sporny <>

> the WebIDL would only need to go through a few changes to support our
> extension only to find out that our extension isn't the sort of
> extension that the CM API was designed for.

Could you clarify what changes you'd like to see in this document's WebIDL?

I read
sketching an extension to the API within the confines of the extension
points we've built in together, targeting a fleshed-out implementation in a
document you'd produce in a to-be-chartered WG. Is that not the case? Which
pieces were intended to change the underlying API?


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