Re: [MIX] Initial feedback on Mixed Content

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 11:26 PM, Brian Smith <> wrote:

> Are you saying that literally zero implementations implement this part
> of the document now?

I'm saying that Sleevi and I on the hook for this implementation before
Chrome 41 branches. :)

Chrome already may do this kind of blocking, even if the text is
> removed from the specification. And, to be clear, I think it is good
> for all browsers to try such things.

Of course Chrome can do whatever it likes; as can Firefox, IE, Opera, and
etc. Pointing out a particular class of thing that browsers can do, noting
that they're encouraged to do so, and noting further that it's better if
they return a network error rather than supporting the connection all seem
like reasonable things to put into a spec.

If there at least two browsers implement the
> blocking of some particular kinds of deprecated TLS thing as mixed
> content, then given a non-empty list of such things, I would be happy
> to donate my time to writing the normative text for them.

Browsers certainly block certain kinds of TLS. SSL 3.0, for instance. And
terrible cipher suites that we all know are bad. Listing all the bad crypto
that browsers don't support would take a while.

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