Re: Rechartering: Permissions API

It seems reasonable enough, especially if it comes with volunteer editors.

My question is whether this is part of a bigger constellation of things
that ought to be worked on together somewhere.  E.g. Will there be
additional chartered work expected to come out of the upcoming workshop on
privacy and user-centric controls?

Also, does this require coordination with the Device API WG which has
worked on other permissions models?  Any other WGs?


On 11/12/14, 10:06 AM, "Mounir Lamouri" <> wrote:

>I would like to suggest to add permissions handling as part of the
>webappsec charter with one concrete deliverable being the  Permissions
>API specification.
>The API is available as an unofficial draft in a w3c github repository -
>it is still at a very early stage:

>I CC'd Marcos Cáceres (Mozilla) who might be interested to help with
>editing the specification.
>-- Mounir

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