Re: [webappsec] New W3C process and Last Call

 > The W3C has a new, more streamlined process for Recommendation Track
 > documents:
 > There is no longer an explicit "Last Call" stage required.
 > With my hat on as chair, I feel that Last Call is a useful phase of the
 > process.  Our group works asynchronously, our features have impact on
 > features defined by other WGs, and historically a Last Call announcement
 > has been very fruitful for us in terms of receiving input from the
 > broader community.  It is a signal to someone with limited time to devote
 > to review that new features are not planned and things are approaching
 > their final shape.
 > What do other members (and especially editors think)?  Should we abandon
 > the Last Call in WebAppSec, or maintain it informally as part of our
 > group's culture?

+1 for the latter (keep WGLC step as informal part of WG process)

Received on Tuesday, 11 November 2014 23:20:02 UTC