Bug tracking

I often lose track of what bugs have been addressed in this group and
which are still outstanding. The way we address this in the WHATWG is
that every specification either uses Bugzilla or GitHub in addition to
mailing list discussion to track important bugs. The open bugs and a
way of filing a new bug are clearly linked from the specification in a
"Participate" box at the top. There's also a script that helps you
filing a bug based on selection of some text.

Then when a bug is resolved the commit is linked from the bug, and the
commit itself links to the bug. This helps reviewers as they can
immediately see whether their bug was addressed as desired and can
reopen the discussion if not. Reviewers have a single point to track
and cannot be forgotten if a decision was made as part of a meeting
since their bug still needs to be resolved. This also makes it easier
for those trying to figure out why something changed in the past
(specification archeology is a popular pastime of some).


Received on Friday, 7 November 2014 11:31:08 UTC