Re: CSP3: DOM API Strawman

Is there a discussion or design document about what sort of problems
the DOM API is trying to solve? For example, as a CSP user, I would
love to be able to modify the policy. This doesn't seem to address
that right now. What it does address is "will this request succeed";
but given the ViolationEvent Interface, isn't that really easy to
check -- just try to make the request and see if the violation event
is thrown?


On 3 November 2014 11:46, Boris Zbarsky <> wrote:
> On 11/3/14, 8:59 AM, Mike West wrote:
>> It would be good to be able to walk through the
>> list with a `forEach` in order to determine whether a specific Request
>> or Node matched an item in the list.
> Sure, but matchesNode is only exposed on two of these interfaces, right?
> And matchesURL on the third one?  And then have nothing else in common.
> I think having a common ancestor is fine, but a union type would be fine in
> this case too.  If there were a common method, of course, the common
> ancestor interface would definitely be what we want.
> -Boris

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